Employee Resilience Program

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    INTERMEDIATE Program Series
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    • 1 Jul, 2020 02:00   -
    • 20 Jul, 2020 02:00
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    180 Minutes
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    USD 290
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I specialize in Digitalization, Mindset and Habits

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Based on research, there are several common attributes in resilient people, this program is aimed at developing these attributes:
1. Positive outlook in life (perception is key, and a choice)
2. Understand the importance of a purpose/goal (efforts it)
3. Empathetic and compassionate (emotional intelligence)
4. Develop a focus & a sense of empowerment on what we can control (goal & outcome driven

Topic Objective Duration Schedule

Zooming IN

1. Being present and the importance of it 2. To meet yourself and others from a new perspective 3. Understand locus of control (you have control over your mind)

135 min

  • · 2020-07-01 02:00:00


1. Your purpose in life 2. Purpose vs passion 3. Being aware & present, what is controllable 4. The importance of goal settings in life (Note: Working on life goals)

135 min

  • · 2020-07-08 02:00:00

Emotional Agility

1. Living with your emotions, experiences and memories in a healthy way 2. Embracing your fear 3. Getting unstuck, embrace change and to thrive in work & life (Note: Work on What do I want to invite into life now? - 24 hrs, 7 days & 30 days plan)

135 min

  • · 2020-07-13 02:00:00


1. The deeper the roots, the stronger the tree 2. The importance of sleep, physical fitness, social wellbeing and nourishment 3. You are in control of yourself, identifying what is affecting you emotionally and work on it, balancing your life, be present and WHAT is your IKIGAI) (Note: Work on action plan, declare and commit)

135 min

  • · 2020-07-17 02:00:00

Developing the Right (Needed) Habits

1. What you do habitually will shape your default behavior; your default behavior will shape your personality; your personality will influence everything else.   2. Examine your habits, is your trajectory correct? Are your habits actually limiting you from fulfilling your full potential? (Note: Work on action plan, declare and commit)

135 min

  • · 2020-07-20 02:00:00
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