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    INTERMEDIATE Program Series
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    • 18 Aug, 2020 01:00   -
    • 19 Aug, 2020 03:00
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    180 Minutes
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Bart van Grinsven


Born in the Netherlands but since 2005 living and working in Malaysia. Over 30 years of experience training in different areas.

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In any business, the need to be assertive and confronting others is considered routine. This is especially true for those in a position of leadership and management to ensure organization values and rules are followed and be able to identify any disruptive Behaviours.

However not all managers are able to initiate or manage themselves professionally in such a situation whether with their bosses, peers, subordinates, customers or suppliers.

This is particularly true when the situation becomes hostile and when strong feelings are involved. Resolving such conflicts can be mentally and physically exhausting and emotionally draining. Some managers prefer to avoid it all together and sweeping all these under the carpet.

This 2-day workshop introduces managers and supervisors to key elements and practical techniques associated with effective conflict management to ultimately drive results.

Topic Objective Duration Schedule

Module 1: What is CONFLICT?

The myths and truth about conflict Identifying conflicts at work place The positive and negative aspects of conflicts Types of conflicts

135 min

  • · 2020-08-18 01:00:00

Module 2: Handling CONFLICT

The conflict management styles – Thomas Kilman Framework How should you deal with conflict – focusing on the EQ aspect? The communication process in handling conflicts – learning to Collaborate Understanding the cause of conflict and handling it case by case [Activity – What is my style? (Profiling Exercise using the Thomas Kilman Framework)] Responding to a conflict The essence of handling a conflict – focusing on the issue and not the person. Linking coaching to conflict management using the GROW Model Mediating a conflict

135 min

  • · 2020-08-18 03:00:00

Module 3: Assertiveness vs Aggressiveness

The difference between aggressiveness and assertiveness The techniques of exercising assertiveness in dealing with a conflict Giving Feedback Testing your assertiveness

135 min

  • · 2020-08-19 01:00:00

Module 4: Personality and its influence on handling CONFLICT

Each person differs Understanding different personalities and and how to reach out to people using the collaborative approach Mediating a conflict with the different profiles – middle man role

135 min

  • · 2020-08-19 03:00:00
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